A little about me & the blog:

Hello lovely! I’m Amanda; the writer, creator & editor of my personal blog called by Amanda Carmela. The purpose of this corner of the internet is to showcase curated collections of the best of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tailored to an on the go, minimalistic, & authentic gal.
I’ve always loved writing ever since I was able to pick up a pen and I am so grateful that I am able to combine it with my passion of style, beauty & home decor to create genuine content that helps, informs and inspires others. by Amanda Carmela is a place where people can read and gain insights on all the beautiful aspects of the world that make us feel really good about ourselves. From style advice to traveling tips to the best places to eat around Boston- AC is an informative outlet that can be easily read and shared by anyone.

The spark that started my career in fashion:

I had an interest in fashion at a very young age. I loved everything that had to do with being glamorous and wearing clothing that made you feel amazing. I believe that my mother being involved in the fashion/beauty industry had something to do with my interest in the field. I remember trying on her big fur coats and running around in her apartment wearing her kitten heels (that we're much too big for me) with her leather handbags hooked on my arm- pretending to be roaming the streets of New York on a mission for a great fashion magazine article. I was utterly inspired by the fashion world and it was a dream to become a part of it.

Current whereabouts:
I was never aware of just how big the fashion industry is. When looking for which colleges to attend in my junior year of high school and trying to figure out what major would best fit me, it occurred to me that I could actually make a career out of fashion. After much evaluation, I decided that attending college in Boston for a fashion merchandising degree was the best option. The thought of it gave me butterflies! I couldn't have picked a better major for myself. I absolutely love what I am learning and living in the city gives me a thrill that is completely unexplainable. Currently, I'm Sales Lead at Francesca's on Newbury St.

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