On a Hike

February 27, 2017

As I said in my last post, Mike and I were definitely planning on taking advantage of the beautiful weather that we were having by taking a hike up some small trails back in my hometown. I'm so glad that we did because it was seriously so peaceful and relaxing. The warm weather surrounded us on our walk and when we got to the clearing (where the images were taken) the sun shined on us and it felt so good finally getting some vitamin D.

I really could've stayed on those rocks for the rest of the day, just soaking up the sun! However, Mike and I planned on going to the mall where I grew up and worked my first retail jobs (holla Lord & Taylor and Abercrombie!) because I was craving a smoothie from my favorite local smoothie stations, Earth & Sky Bar. The smoothies are incredible and super affordable at $4.50 considering one smoothie in Boston is close to $8... My favorite flavor is the strawberry pina colada and I drink it so fast whenever I get one because it's not so often anymore!!
Since I knew we'd be hiking, I wore my Aerie leggings that are really comfortable and a bang for your buck. I think I only spent $15 on them and they're really great quality! I put on a simple striped shirt, my puffy vest, and my black Nike's to finish off the outfit :) I love a good black and white look!
Have a great Monday!

Outfit Details:
Vest / Top / Leggings (on sale for $10!) / Sneakers 

Do you have a favorite local spot? Tell me in the comments! 

Leather + Sun

February 24, 2017

Outfit details: leather jacket / tank top / leggings / sneakers (similar) / choker

The weather that we're having in Boston right now is unbelievable. It literally feels like we jumped into the middle of spring on our way to summer. It's been high 60s for the past few days and quite honestly, it's giving me LIFE. There's no better feeling than walking outside and feeling comfortable, and refreshed rather than feeling so cold that I can't feel my body... (why did my parents decide to live in this kind of a climate?! Lol). 
So in light of this amazing weather we're having and the pieces I got at the Forever 21 sale the other day, (more details here) I wore my leather jacket and opted for the comfier style with leggings and my black sneaks. 
As for life updates, I'm going home this weekend and I couldn't be more excited. I haven't been home in a while, and sometimes you just need to be there- ya feel me? 
Being home clears my head and a lot of the time kind of grounds me. It's also really de-stresses me. Home is just this amazing place where I can relax, catch up on a lot of my tasks, eat well, and appreciate everything (Oh and of course, cuddle with my cat). Also, since my sister moved out I'm going to be getting her old room, which was significantly bigger than mine and I'm super happy about that! I'm going to actually be able to fit all of my things in my own space and have everything organized and all in one area. I cannot wait!
Mike and I are planning on going on a hike this weekend since it's going to be so nice out and we're going to be just relaxing around my house watching movies and eating. Sounds great to me. (I'm also really hoping that Harry Potter weekend will be happening on TV because for some reason almost every time I'm home its ALWAYS on abc family and it makes me so so happy)

What do you love about being home? Comment below! (Also, do you guys prefer the blog post images to be large like the ones above or would you rather them be smaller so that the full length of the images are able to be seen without scrolling much? Please let me know below!!)

Have a great weekend!

Army Jacket

February 21, 2017

Hi loves! I seriously SCORED at Forever 21 the other day, I was so happy! I just casually walked in not expecting much but found out that they we're having a huge sale: an additional 65% off clearance items!

Spring Essentials

February 13, 2017

Spring Thinking by amandacarmela

It is absolutely pounding snow on us in New England right now. We already got about 12 inches this past Thursday and now we are predicted to get another 12-14 inches....
So with that, I am dying for spring and summer. I miss showing some skin! I'm getting super sick of always having to bundle up and cover up. In serious need of vitamin D.
I've rounded up some gorgeous little spring essentials for the warmer months coming ahead. I know it's quite a ways away, but it's always good to get a head start on things!

Tops + Blouses:
Basic Tee - I think a basic tee is perfect for spring because it can be paired with so many things! You can do so much with it. Throw it on with a pair of skinny jeans and a cardigan or dress it up with a pair of trousers and a blazer.
Tank Top - A pretty tank top is essential because it's a great layering piece. Weather can be confusing for the most part in spring (at least in New England) so you can throw this under a jumper, jacket, or slouchy tee.
A Blouse - A pretty blouse is another spring essential. You can use it as the main focal point of any outfit.
Off the Shoulder - This trendy piece is definitely moving its way to becoming a wardrobe staple. It's the perfect way to show some skin without being too revealing. I love pairing this denim blue color with some crisp white skinny jeans.
V-Neck Cami - V-neck cami's are super in and I'd like to credit this trend to Lorna from @lornaluxe with her infamous "Chestfies" - always showcasing deep v camisoles with delicate jewels. I love this look so much and this is probably one of the only times that I wish I had size A boobs so I could pull it off! Great piece for spring.

Cardi's + Jackets:
Grey Cardigan - Can't ever go wrong with grey. It'll go perfectly with a lot of the pieces listed above!
Denim Jacket - A wardrobe staple and perfect for those cooler spring days. Pair yours with black or white denim and a simple top.
Blazer - Blazers are so much fun to play around with and make casual. I love the look of pairing them with jeans and an everyday tee to really dress them down.
A Light Jacket - I loved the look of this heather grey jacket, I was on the hunt to find a light one to wear in the spring and I think I found my match (at just a little over $50!)

The Fringe Crop - Have you seen these cuties out and about while shopping lately?? Aren't they gorgeous! I want every single pair I see.
Maxi Skirt - The maxi skirt is the ideal piece for spring. So breezy and they come in all different prints and patterns. I like to pair mine with a crop top.
Joggers / Trousers - Joggers are similar to blazers, you can dress them up or down. When I was working at my little internship, my boss wore hers with vans in the morning and then quickly threw on some black heels for a meeting and the entire look changed instantly. They're so versatile and easy!
Boyfriend Jeans - I still haven't found the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, but when I do I know I'll wear the hell out of them!
White Trousers - White skinny jeans & trousers make me think of spring because of how clean and new they look. I'd love to pair mine with the denim blue off the shoulder mentioned above.

White sneakers - White sneakers and a floral dress is honestly the cutest combo ever.
Flats - Flats with skinny jeans, joggers, trousers - you name it.
Espadrilles - I HAVE AN OBSESSION. It's with espadrilles. I recently got the original striped pair from Soludos, but I literally want every single pair that they've made. Like the denim blue one and the one with the flamingo on it?! So friggin adorable!
Nude Heels - Nude heels are great in the spring. They, similar to the white skinny jeans, make me think of a clean and sophisticated look - perfect for spring, the season of renewal!
Wedges - I love wearing wedges with jeans & skirts because they really elongate the legs.

Have a lovely Monday! 

Valentines Day: A Simple Gift Guide

February 8, 2017

I'm not sure about you, but I'm pretty excited for Valentines Day. I know it can definitely be hard for the fellas to come up with an idea of a gift to get their significant other, so I made this simple gift guide to help you get started.

The handbag. It's not like you could ever in a million years go wrong with getting your lovely lady a handbag.. unless it's of course not her style. But I'm sure since you are a couple you know what she likes. Stick to neutrals if you aren't too sure.
The heels. I know I'd love a gorgeous pair of heels. Or flats. Or any kind of shoe. Check her closet for her size if you don't know. Write it on your hand- this is super important! Make sure you also get her a pair she will like; I suggest going through her Pinterest account and getting a feel for the style's that she has repinned.
The lipstick. Get your gal a nice tube of lipstick, or a new beauty product that she's been obsessing over. (Again, check Pinterest.) Also take into account her skin tone!
Perfume. A good fragrance is like a good friend. Always, always there to have your back. To lift up your spirits, your mood & your confidence. I'd suggest Burberry, Lady Million, or Chloe; but do look at her collection and see if you can find a similarity between the scents.
A little number. Have a little lace piece waiting for her to put on in a bag on a bed full of petals.. that'll sure set the mood.
Hair tools. You can never go wrong with a hair tool- especially this curling iron that everyone has been raving about. 
A sweet candle. I am a candle hoarder. And buying me more will make me happier. You can also use it to create a romantic ambiance on the 14th. Take into account her favorite scents (look at other candles that are about the house, but of course get a different variation that way she doesn't have two very similar candles).
Dazzling jewels. I would absolutely swoon if my boyfriend handed me this ring . I prefer silver, but your love might prefer something different (rose gold, white gold, sterling). Bracelets, necklaces, earrings- pick out something from the heart!
Tech related. You could get your girl an Apple watch, an Echo dot, an iPad + case, a DLSR camera, or something tech related that will get her creative juices flowing.

Have a lovely day!

Cropped Denim

February 6, 2017

I am LOVING this new cropped denim trend. Such a fun twist on the plain old skinny jeans! These ones featured have the distressed hems which are also another fun trend currently happening! I paired them with a simple grey scoop neck (which was seriously THE HARDEST thing to try and find you guys a link to.. there was almost nothing that was pretty similar for some reason, so I tried my best!) I also threw in this gorgeous lace bralette because who doesn't love a good bralette?! This one is in the light pink shade, I have it in white and seriously love it.
Clearly, you can see that I was having some fun at my new job, Hello Caroline, on Newbury street! I made this flat lay because we just got in some beautiful new pieces for spring... I wish I could buy them all. So if you're in the Boston area, come in and check us out or you can shop online! (Thats where the owner, Hilary, started it!) All of the pieces are super affordable and amazing quality.. I'm loving working for this retailer! 
What I'm not loving is how busy I have been and how cold the weather is over here in New England. It makes shooting outfit photos so hard because I have to take my winter coat off in 20 degree weather and shoot and end up getting a not so pretty image of me freezing my ass off! I can't wait until spring and warm weather.. expect a lot more content then! Stay track of me by following along on my Instagram which is where I am always at. 

Have a great day!

My Personal Style

February 1, 2017

My Style

  • My personal style is definitely a mix of classic, contemporary and bohemian pieces.
  • I like to wear a color palette of mostly neutrals.  
  • For me, I have been really cracking down on only investing in pieces that are of good quality so that they can last for a long time. I also like to purchase pieces that go well with others and are able to be mixed and matched.
    In my opinion, less is more. If I have less of a clutter of clothing, it is a lot easier to define my style and get ready in the morning. Every six months or so, I will go through my closet and donate anything that I have not worn within those six months, or I will make a list of pieces that I need to complete my wardrobe.
    In addition, I like to stick to a certain aesthetic. I am aiming towards a minimalist aesthetic with neutral colors and I enjoy making the aesthetic of my social media (mainly Instagram) be cohesive with my style. 

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