The August Edit: Three Beach Night Looks

August 15, 2017

As we near the middle of August, summer nights start to slowly drop by just a few degrees, especially when by the coast. So today, I've styled three outfits for beach nights in the end of summer months.
I hate being cold so if I am on the beach at night and the wind is just a bit breezy but there is a touch of humidity in the air, I like to wear some comfy boyfriend shorts and throw on a slouchy over sized knit sweater. This keeps me nice and toasty without being too bundled up. Add some cute cognac espadrilles and you're ready to go!
The next outfit is more for those really chilly days, maybe it's drizzling out or the clouds are covering the blue sky. I styled a comfy pair of joggers with a light weight cardigan and some easy slip on sneaks. I love this look and often wear something similar in September/October when I'm running errands.
The last look is perfect for a night out or date night on the beach. This long jumpsuit is sure to keep you feeling warm and really gives such an elegant and sophisticated feeling, while also elongating the figure. Pair it with some wedge espadrilles and a statement earring and you're good to go dance under the moon by the beach. 

Wardrobe Diaries: Vol. 2

August 10, 2017

Hey loves! I went into Nordstrom Rack the other day and decided to try some things on! I was looking for more fall fashion but there wasn't too much out... I think I am just a little too early when it comes to that department haha!
This baby doll tee is SO SOFT though and it's such a steal at less than $25! It is such a staple piece.
I tried on these blush colored joggers and they were so so comfy! I think these would be great for a casual day off strolling the city. (Maybe when it's not 85 degrees though)
The next top is this ruffled sleeve sweater and I couldn't believe how cheap it was! This is a great layering piece and perfect for the chilly months ahead on lounging around days.
I tried on these black distressed skinny jeans from Joe's Jeans and really felt that these would be a great investment piece. I have heard some great things about Joe's and I can only imagine that these babies would last quite a long time.
Last piece I tried on was this long-line cardigan vest! I was SO IN LOVE with this piece. I think this would make for a great transitional piece and is very versatile. I can see this being great for work and also dressed up for cocktails.

Hope you found some inspiration from this post! Have a great day!
Amanda Carmela

Sandcastles & Pinstripes

July 25, 2017


Hello loves! I hope your week is off to an alright start! Sunday evening, Mike, my sister and I went to Revere beach to check out the International Sand Sculpting Festival that they showcase every summer. People from all over come and get to build a piece and they name them and each have their own message about the sculpture! The detail that goes into each one is incredible and you just have to be there in person to get the full affect!
It felt really good to get out of the city for a little bit and do something different for once. I grew up around Revere beach and being there was really nostalgic. The memories flooded in as soon as I stepped onto the sand and I was brought back to when my sister and I used to spend days at my grandmother's house with our cousin, playing Gamecube and watching Harry Potter. I really miss those kinds of days and honestly, I feel like going back to your roots every once and a while really grounds you and sort of centers you. It was lovely being there and I encourage you to do something or visit somewhere that was a big part of your childhood! It will really warm your heart.
As for this outfit- I mentioned that I bought this OTS pinstripe top from F21 in my last post, and I seriously am so in love with it. The over-sized sleeves are a showstopper and the pinstripe is such a classic look. I paired it with my white shorts and cognac sandals that have a metallic detail. 
Get the top here!

Have a beautiful Tuesday!

Losing Friends & Embracing Change

July 23, 2017

Lets talk, shall we? It's almost 2am and I'm scrolling Pinterest and I've started to see the most relevant quotes to the events that are currently happening in my life- so I want to discuss these changes as I'm sure there are other people in this world going through something similar.

Losing friends. 

I know, this is kind of a sticky subject and a lot of people would rather not address it because it tends to be so complicated. But as a fellow gal who has a ton of emotions and is in constant need of words of wisdom- I'm here to share the love and sympathy with you. 
Losing friends, first off, sucks. One day you go from have a solid group of friends where you think they care about you and you feel like you are important to them, and the next day you could be as irrelevant as a payphone to them. (... does anyone use those anymore??)
It of course all depends on the situation. If there was an altercation and between you and your friend and no one cared enough to repair it, or if you made a mistake and regret hurting them, there are times when you get in fight with someone and the clouds part and you are able to see crystal clear- their true colors. 

Similar to my last post about embracing change, sometimes when you lose a person that meant a lot to you, you are able to see something in the person that you never noticed before- and it might make you see what kind of a person they truly are. People tend to act out when they are mad and can say things or do things that can hurt (which really isn't cool at all). However, a true friend will do the following in a fallout situation: 
  1. If you feel upset about something your friend did and you try to confront them- they will try to become conscious of this action and tell you ways in which they will work on changing how they acted. They will not belittle you or manipulate you to make you feel as though you did something wrong or make themselves out to be the victim. 
  2. They will be concerned that you are feeling distressed in the friendship and will want to make a an effort to mend it. They will not ignore the way you are feeling or tell you that you are being over dramatic, etc. 
  3. If you made a mistake or wronged them in anyway, they will try to hear you out and they will put themselves in your shoes to try and fully understand your side. *If it was a drastic mistake; this doesn't always mean your friend is 100% willing to forget about what you did, but your friend should always try to forgive.

If your friend drops you and does not put in an effort or their actions are immature and they are not acting like an adult to solve the situation, take it as a blessing in disguise. If you see a negative quality in your friend as you are in a fallout, take note of their actions and the way they behave. It might just teach you a whole lot about their character and could make you realize that they weren't a true friend after all.
You should know your value and your worth and let's be honest, if your friend is acting out and not being mature- it's probably better off that you stay distant. You need to realize that you deserve caring, trustworthy and lovable friends! 

Wardrobe Diaries

July 22, 2017

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6.

Hello lovelies! The other day after work I went a little crazy and had so much fun trying some clothes on. I love it when you can actually find a bunch of cute things to try on. I spend hours (not kidding) and just get so lost in all of the gorgeous styles and fashion, imagining how I'd style each piece with my current wardrobe.
My first stop was at Forever 21 where I found this stunning little classic pinstripe OTS- I had to buy it! I paired it with some white shorts and cognac colored shoes and the look is to die for! (There should be a post on this look soon!!) You definitely need this piece in your wardrobe and at only $17.90- it's a steal! I was looking for a floral maxi dress but couldn't really find anything that made me swoon. The mauve one that I tried on in the first photo would have been p e r f e c t but for some reason there was no lining whatsoever so you could see... everything underneath. I couldn't find it on the F21 website so I linked some similar ones
At F21 I also tried on this grey v-neck body suit (this first bodysuit I've ever tried on, yall..) and I really really loved the way it looked. I just wasn't in dire need of it but I was able to imagine it in my wardrobe and was coming up with different looks to wear it in the fall. It's a great staple piece!
The next place I went was TJMaxx and I picked up the grey maxi dress, which is the most comfortable thing I've ever put on my body... It's perfect for this summer heat wave we've been having and I've already worn it a bunch of times. I wasn't able to find the exact pieces for the rest of the looks but I linked similar ones!

I hope you have a great Saturday

I encourage you to go out and try some cute clothes that make you feel good about yourself! Spend a day treating yourself :)

Amanda Carmela

June Beauty Favorites

July 16, 2017

1. Milani Color Statement Lipstick in "Pretty Natural"- I've been reaching for this lipstick so much this summer! I think it is the perfect shade that gives you the slightest pop of color while also being very natural.

2. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser- I was introduced to this product from Allana Davison, who's word I trust so much because she's honestly such a relatable person and we both have dry skin and hers looks amazing. She's mentioned this in a couple of her favorites videos so I decided to go over to Sephora and pick up a sample size with my beauty points. I seriously love this cleanser so much- it's perfect for my sensitive skin and leaves my skin feeling very squeaky clean while also making it feel baby soft. The rose scent in this is also another beautiful thing about this product!

3. Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator- Woah, talk about a mouth full! This product is honestly incredible, I got a sample size given to me from the man at the Clinique counter because I told him I had very dry skin. This baby works absolute wonders and keeps my skin feeling supple and hydrated without being too heavy or oily. It has a gel-like texture that just smooths over the skin and really sinks in.

4. Rosehip Oil- Rosehip oil is such a staple in my skincare regimen, it does such a great job at brightening my skin and also evening my skin tone. I always put a drop of this in with my moisturizer at night and it does its magic and I wake with gorgeous, hydrated skin!

5. Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Bronzer+Blush Duo in "Glisten"- I picked this up at Target on a whim because I wanted more of a coral blush shade for the summer and since this one includes a bronzer as well I thought it was a great deal! These shades are gorgeous and pair lovely together. Pigmentation is great.

6. L'Oreal Infallible Glow Pro Foundation- Such a stunning foundation. This is AMAZING for dry skinned babes. I am still in shock with how well this works on my dry skin. This is the only liquid foundation I use and it's seriously the best purchase I've ever made.

7. Clinique Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation- I love using this product on days where I feel I don't need an entire layer of liquid foundation. On my better skin days, I will just put some moisturizer on and apply a thin layer of this pressed powder and it really just evens out my skin tone and blurs any imperfections that I might have. It's so lovely for the summer because it doesn't feel like I have too much product on my face- light & airy.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday!

When One Door Closes

June 21, 2017

Sometimes, life is weird. When everything is going so smoothly and then all of a sudden, something changes drastically; the universe tends to work itself in strange ways, adapting and reconfiguring so that your stars align once again. Especially if you use the law of attraction to attract nothing but the best in your life. 
A lot of the times, when one door closes another one most definitely opens. But sometimes it can be hard to piece together just why things flip flop and be okay with it happening. However, the easiest way to cope with change is to take it all in. Seriously breathe in the change, let it take over you because more often than not it is happening for a good reason. The universe has a secret plan stored for you in its back pocket, ready to lay it out on the table as long as you keep a positive mindset and outlook on everything. 
Similar to this concept just as summer was beginning, life was trucking along, things were going very well; I was getting an exceptional amount of hours at work, my friends were being amazing, boyfriend incredible. But all of a sudden the first week back from my Arizona trip, hours at work were cut drastically- like by half. At first I panicked, I was like "what the heck am I going to do?!"
Then I said to myself, this is happening for a reason. Before Arizona, I was being worked into the ground, I hardly had time to even make myself dinner or hang out with friends. So I welcomed this change with open arms and said I'll take this time to relax and have more leisure time.
During one of my days off, I decided to walk into a cute little boutique and happened to ask if they were hiring and they were (!!!) for a key holder position (exactly what I'd wanted). I applied, got a call back and now have an interview scheduled next week! If I never had my hours cut at my job I would've never had the opportunity to have an interview at an adorable boutique, a new change of environment and head space. 
Not gonna lie, it's scary as heck embracing change. I was super hesitant about even calling the manager back because in my head I was like "Well I have so much freedom at my current job, and I love the pay... and it's just so easy here." But that was the thing, I needed the change or honestly I may have not ended up going anywhere. And taking the easy way out won't get me far in my career either. (Plus I know I could totally grow with this company and move on into corporate one day.) 
Moral of this story is- if you're going through a drastic change in your work life, friendships, or relationships; take in the change and let it guide you in the right direction. Everything will work out- I promise!

A New Hidden Gem in Boston

June 14, 2017

I decided to take a stroll along Charles Street in Boston today because I had never been there before (somehow), and ended up walking into this stunning clothing boutique called Heist: December Thieves. The manager informed me that it is an emerging designer brand when I asked if it was a designer- so I believe that most of it is handmade and they don't buy from wholesale. 

This place is a sight for sore eyes, being inside captivates you. I was swept throughout the entire store just following the layout of it. Every section has a visually appealing element to it; it's so crisp and clean and I love the contrast of black and white. 

The moss is so beautiful, it looks real when you're in the store. 

It seriously reminded me of a museum- little nooks and cranny's of incredible little pieces. I'd love to shake the visual merchandiser's hand!!

This place is absolutely gorgeous and I definitely recommend any visitor to Boston to check it out! 

Check out their website here and their Instagram here!! 

Dear Pizza Lovers of Boston,

June 13, 2017

I just wanted to pop in and tell all of the pizza lovers of Boston to go and check out this amazing pizza place in Beacon Hill!! My dad took me here for lunch this afternoon and oh my goodness the pizza I had was incredible! I got a slice of the Sicilian with red peppers, spinach, cheese, & garlic and wow it might've been one of the best slices I've ever had. The prices are super reasonable at this place- they range from $3.25-$4.25 for a slice, salads are around $10, paninis are around $8.50 and they have pasta dishes for $10! (I had my eye on the linguine & pesto- must be amazing).

The interior design of this place is everything I'd ever want in my own kitchen one day- super simplistic and modern with a rustic twist. The dark wood of the tables and counters contrasts gorgeously with the white tiled walls and they add a pop of color with bright yellow stools scattered. So beautiful!

Check out their website 

And their Instagram here!

Have a great Tuesday- stay cool!!

Rose Gold Goodies

June 12, 2017

wire basket / fur throw 

sonia kashuk blush/bronzer duo


silk square scarf (such a deal!!)

I had some time to go shopping today and I absolutely love everything I purchased! I first stopped at Marshalls and picked up these adorable ankle tie pants... they were literally on clearance for $10!! And oh my goodness they are so so comfy, they feel like pajamas! I can totally see myself wearing these babies from day to night with a pair of converse and then throwing on a pair of heels when I go out!
I also picked up this rose gold wire basket, I think I'm going to put either my smaller scarves in it or bathing suits, if not those then I know I will be able to find something to put inside!
I picked up the most amazingly soft blush faux fur throw to put on my bed, I really am so excited about it- it matches the decor in my room perfectly!
Next, I headed over to Target and found this square scarf- it was such a steal at only $10! I'd been searching for the perfect scarf and tried this one on in store and I could actually make it work so I had to get it! I then headed to the cosmetics department (dangerous) and found this Sonia Kashuk bronzer/blush duo and fell in love- I got it in the shade Glisten and the blush is such a beautiful coral shade, perfect for summer!

Favorite Pins This Week

June 11, 2017


How beautiful is everything about this photo? The textures, the colors, the patterns... I'm in love! Also loving that yellow OTS paired with the white culottes- so crisp and clean! And who doesn't love a nice pair of espadrilles (especially ones with cute little sunshines on them?!)



I love this style home- very minimalistic and simple yet modern. I would love curling up on that couch and drinking a cup of coffee while reading a book- I'd be so comfy!


outdoor space

I nearly swooned when I saw this on Pinterest- how amazing would it be to live in that?


food & drink

These look SO yummy...  and the recipe is super simple. Delish!


places to go

Petra, Jordan. Looks so unreal and beautiful.

Our Trip to Arizona

June 8, 2017

Finally, my life has slowed down and I am getting settled into my new dorm room in Boston for the summer. From about the middle of May until now I have been so busy and life has been the biggest whirlwind. Basically, since finals week, I was working an insane amount and had hardly any time to do anything besides running from class to work with no more than a half hour in between. Then, finals ended and I completed my sophomore year of college! But that also meant that I had to move out of my dorm room and into another one, a single on the top floor of my building. Since I was working so much, I hardly had any time to pack yet alone move up two floors. All of my friends moved out so I also had no one to help me move. I was experiencing a ton of anxiety and stress because all I did was work and didn't have much time to do anything else- to this day I still have yet to renew my license since I turned 21 which was in April. I felt like I had the entire world on my shoulders. My boyfriend and sister both graduated from our school and I attended their graduation on May 19th, and things were finally starting to look up because I knew that our trip to Arizona was coming up in just a few short days and that all of this stress would finally sizzle away under the AZ heat. 
So now, it's been about 4 days since we've been back from the west side of the country and I actually have a second to breathe- and recap on how amazing our trip was! Hours for work have definitely slowed down which is kind of bitter sweet because I do love working and want the moolah, but it also does feel good to wake up without an alarm and go for a stroll to get some coffee and wander the streets aimlessly and follow wherever my mind decides to go in the moment. (I also woke up today and went for a run, 1 mile to be exact!) I'm going to take the lack of hours at work as a blessing in disguise, a lesson that is telling me to take more time for myself and go out to explore more, make more memories. My boyfriends mother once told me, you have your whole life to work, do more now rather than work your life away and shes totally right!

So now, I'll take you back on our trip to amazing Arizona, a place where I could definitely see myself moving to eventually (and maybe even starting a family + a life out there?!)

This was Michael's moms friends Kristin's house that we were staying at until it was time to pick up our RV Rental! Isn't it beautiful?! We spent the last three days of our trip back here just relaxing by this pool, tanning, eating food, going for a dip, and repeat. 

I never knew that cactus's could be so huge.. they're literally the size of trees! That's definitely one of the things that I love about AZ, how different the scenery is compared to NH. 

Arizona sunsets, another reason why this place has my heart.

The whole fam!

Bell Rock

We made it on the RV! Our first stop was at an RV Park in Sedona called Rancho Sedona, it was a gorgeous place- everything was so clean and well kept and there was a stunning creek in the back where you could swim/hike!

This was where our first hike lead to- a beautiful lagoon that was hidden in the rocks. This trail is called Bell Trail!

Our next stop was the Grand Canyon, which was seriously one of the most incredible things I've seen in my life. It was so unreal. It honestly looks fake when you're there, it looks like a big green screen or something! We actually decided to hike down into the GC, I made it about a mile and a half (coming back up was BRUTAL) and Michael actually hiked 13 miles in total all the way down to plateau point which is at the point at the end of the clearing in the photo above... I don't know how he does it! Just going 1.5 miles had me almost passing out on the hike back up LOL. 


I think these photos are where I'll end my little travel diary for now because there is SO much more and I don't want to make this post too long.
I seriously had so much fun on this trip and going there taught me to start adventuring more and making more memories with my loved ones.
Hope you enjoyed this post!
Xo- Amanda

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