Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Review

August 5, 2016

I was dying for a foundation that did more good than harm to my skin and was always so interested in this product. I never wanted anything that was too heavy or too full coverage because in all honesty, my skin doesn't need it! And this product was perfect for my needs. It's a tinted hydrating gel cream that is best of a bb, cc and a tinted moisturizer. "Start with proven skin care ingredients like olive-derived squalane, marine botanicals, hydrating humectants trehalose and glycerin, and coconut-derived ingredients for powerful hydration and nourishment" This baby has tons packed into it. And honestly, it delivers.

When I use this, my skin looks so flawless and soft. It's honestly amazing. It does such a good job for being just a tinted moisturizer. But you also have to remember that it is only a tinted moisturizer and you should not be expecting full coverage! As for "rescuing my complexion" I'd give it a 3/5. I still get blemishes (mainly right around when I'm about to get my period) and it isn't all that hydrating. I think it's a great bb/cc but doesn't really do much else. I did notice the pores around my nose were smaller, however!

The stipple brush that comes with the Complexion Rescue is so so good! I love it, they work perfectly together.
When I add the Mineral Veil to my face after applying the Complexion Rescue, it gives such a soft and airbrushed finish. I absolutely LOVE this product and I'd definitely give it a 5/5.

Another favorite of mine! This stuff is insane, it works so well to make my under eyes look bright and well rested! ;) I apply this with a small fluffy brush after adding Mineral Veil and it's amazing. I do like to put some cream concealer before it sometimes because the two products together make you look like you've just hibernated for the whole season of winter. 

Love the color of this blush, but the pigmentation is not all that. I have a Covergirl blush that has better pigmentation than this one. I find myself going in and tapping more into the cap several times. But it is a nice color once you get enough product on your face!

This does what it says it does! It makes the foundation apply easily, but it's okay in terms of not getting oily throughout the day. Somehow I like using a moisturizer better! Lol. 

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