AT Fall Favorites

August 31, 2016

Can you guess what happened at the store yesterday?? Yup, we got in our newest fall shipment! I'm really loving some of these pieces! Like these quilted booties... Aren't they gorgeous?! I tried them on and they're SO comfortable and the perfect heel height. We got in this burgundy trench coat and it is stunning! I tried on the XS but it was just a little bit too big on me- so if you've got my body type and you're around 5'6 I'd go for the petite sizes!
My boss Carrie and co-worker Kate both looked gorgeous in this tweed cuffed top- it would be so adorable paired with some skinny jeans and those quilted booties! I also tried on this 100% merino wool cowl neck sweater and OMG it is so insanely soft and comfy- perfect for the cooler months!
Ann Taylor KILLED it in the jewelry department for this fall collection! There are a ton of jewel pieces like this ring and these earrings
There are such nice classic pieces in this collection- be sure to stop by your nearest Ann Taylor to get the first dibs on all of the gorgeous new product!

Weekend Diaries: St. Anthony's Feast

August 29, 2016

Boston, MA, USA

 The St. Anthony's Feast in The North End is always so much fun. The first time I went was last year in my freshman year of college. It's full of a never ending amount of food, games, and live music. If you live in the Boston area you definitely must check out this festival!

This was on our walk from the train station to the North End. My boyfriend Mike and his friend Erik drove up from Rhode Island and we met in Boston to attend the feast together! (It's so funny, last year we would've been moved into Boston by now, but since we're upperclassmen school doesn't start until a week later). 

 Another must see attraction in Boston, the Holocaust Memorial. I always get such a rush of emotions when visiting and walking through the chambers- and seeing all of those tiny little numbers run up the entire length of them makes me grateful for the world we live in now (even though times may seem hard atm). I also love walking through them at night and seeing the little "stars" under the grates. 

 Live music! I met up with my dad at this part because all of our family was watching our cousin play on stage! (He's the second man in playing the electronic drum set). 

See all of these tents? All of those are food stands. The selection of food is incredible and as soon as you walk even remotely near the North End all you can smell is garlic and it smells sooo delicious. I ended up getting a bowl of chicken, broccoli & ziti and it was amazing. There's other foods than just pasta though, like calzones, meatballs, subs, chicken dishes, and so much more. I also got some fried oreos at the end which were amazing as well.  

I  put together this outfit the night before. This shirt that I'm wearing is so old, like literally it's YEARS old. I think I got it in 7th grade from Wetseal. I just paired it with some white shorts and my slingback wedges and added a colorful bracelet to tie in all of the colors from the shirt!

Have a great Monday :)

Flare Jeans

August 26, 2016

I scored these babies from Hollister at only $20! They were on sale and I was super happy about it! I love a good flare jeans and I actually didn't even own a pair of light wash denim- so these checked two off of my list. 
I'm sure that by now these are all sold out, but if you want a nice pair of denim I'd definitely suggest Hollister! They're having crazy sales right now like all of their jeans being only $25 (perfect for back to school!) When I was in the store, I saw their marketing for all of their kinds of jeans, and I saw the flare and at first I didn't know what to pair it with- but the sign showed the model wearing this exact white off the shoulder and I fell in love with the look. They didn't have the white in store so I ordered it and they shipped it free to my house. I love how the off the shoulder shows just the right amount of skin and sticks to the body. Wearing flares is all about compromise; more fabric around the ankle means less up top to balance it out. 
I paired the outfit with my white sandals from Charming Charlie- it really gives off a summer beachy vibe. If I were to wear these in the fall, I think I'd pair it with some wedge booties to give extra length. 

Fall Favorites

August 25, 2016

Hey lovelies! I was browsing online at Nordies last night and found some gorgeous pieces that I LOVED and couldn't wait until Friday's link it post to show y'all! 

Isn't this emerald coat to die for?! It's only $110- such a steal for fall! 
I love this striped blouse in the color brown- it's definitely a nice twist on the basic piece,
This grey over sized cardigan looks super cozy! It's all cashmere so it'll keep you warm in the brisk fall months!
This pleated double layered tank is a perfect layering piece! You can do so much with this- add an off the shoulder sweater, cardigan, blazer- you name it!
I love this bell sleeve sweater from Free People- definitely a fall staple. 
This fringe cream sweater is gorgeous and so unique! Do you think you could rock it this fall season? ;)
I love this Sole Society leopard print cross body- and this is a steal at only $79.95
There's nothing like a crisp white tee to pair with- and this one is BEAUTIFUL with the scallops! Such an essential. (And it's only $25!!)
Ear crawlers are gorgeous, I don't own any yet but these ones are so cute.
I love a nice pair of statement earrings and these Kendra Scott ones deliver. They're available in a bunch of beautiful colors including turquoise, lilac, and cobalt.
Have you purchased your booties for fall yet? These ones are perfect and come in a wide variety of colors.
I am in love with these heels from Manolo Blahnik- this cognac color is so beautiful.

Favorite Lipstick Combos

August 22, 2016

Hey loves! So I'm not a big lipstick gal, but when I want to add a pop of color to my look I always go for a natural color that isn't too heavy on my lips. Below are some gorgeous natural combos that I've been loving lately and I hope you love them as much as I do!

This lipstick is so beautiful. Just look at how rich the color is! It's from a brand Sorme that my mom introduced me to a while ago.. Something crazy about this lipstick is that I've had the same exact tube for years.. It was my moms but she gave it to me because she didn't really use it that often, and it's STILL working amazingly.

 The next combo is a little darker and more sultry and when I discovered it I fell in love!

  I just recently tried out my Clinique lipstick in "Tender Heart" and used Milani lipliner in 05. I love the color of this lipstick and it feels so hydrating! I like to smudge the liner in to give it more of a natural affect, and then on top of it I use my Stila lipglaze in the shade "Hibiscus" to add a pop of shimmer. It gives off such a pretty glowing lip look! My go to lately!

 My Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Honey has been my all time favorite lip product to wear every single day for the past few years. It's such a gorgeous shade of rose and adds the perfect amount of pigmentation to your lip. I combined it with one of my favorite lip colors from Milani in 43 "Pretty Natural" 

On top of the colors I just added a sheer gloss from Clinique in 23

 I hope you enjoyed todays post! And hopefully you noticed the difference of quality in these photos because I finally bought a DLSR camera! I am so excited. Expect to see a lot more original content on here now!

Link It Friday

August 19, 2016

Culture: The Best Etsy Shops for Printables
Etsy Shop 2: Melinda Wood Designs
Etsy Shop 3: CouturePrintery
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Etsy Shop 5: WIllowfields

Fall Beauty Trends: Get the look

Fashion Finds:
Burgundy clutch (perfect for fall!)

Have a lovely Friday darlings!

Pursuing Your Dreams

August 18, 2016

I can't express how important it is to keep pursuing your passions and to stick to your instincts and give it your all. I've had the pleasure of working with many older women & men who've experienced it all and I love learning valuable life lessons from them. Mostly all of them always end up with the same words of advice- don't quit.
I remember my first lesson was actually with my co-worker Michael when I worked in the jewelry department at Lord & Taylor. He was in fine jewelry and on the slow hours we'd chat to pass by the time. He has a daughter, a year younger than me so he knows exactly whats up. In my last few months working there I was so distraught about my first heartbreak (trust me, you'll get over it lol) and he told me to keep looking up. He knew I was going to Boston for school in a short month & he used to live there when he was younger so he had a lot to say about the city. I remember him telling me, "You are going to learn so much about yourself. So much. You are going to live a whole new life there, meet new people, make new friends, make mistakes- but it's going to teach you so much about yourself." He told me, "Focus on yourself. Anyone who puts you through that much stress is not worthy of your time." I can't even express how much his words helped me. It gave me motivation to strive towards my goal, to put my energy into something that I'm passionate about.
I've also learned quite a bit from my ladies at Ann Taylor. I told my co-worker Margaret that I'm in school for Fashion Merchandising in Boston and she just looked so happy for me. I remember her saying something like, "That is so good for you. I can really tell that you are going to make it far in life. You're going to do good." Those words made me feel like I was walking on clouds. It pushed me to strive harder towards my goal of blogging & starting up my own business (hopefully soon!) 
The people I've worked with all say, "Living in the city must be amazing. If I were to do it again, I'd go to school, stick to my guns and work hard."
So I'm here to reciprocate the same message that all of these wonderful people have told me. Never give up on your dreams. It will pay off in the end. If you're passionate about something & it gives you those little butterflies in your stomach and you lay awake in bed at night tossing and turning about living your dream (I've been through all of this) then do not quit. You are worthy of living your dreams. It's just a matter of putting in the hard work and effort to make those dreams a reality. 

Here are some tips that I use to help stay on track of pursuing my dreams:
  1. Make to-do lists every single day
  2. Prioritize those lists with most important on top
  3. Set monthly goals for yourself (i.e: Get 100 more followers or subscribers within the month)
  4. Have a positive mind set (Start saying, "I will." Believe that you can and you will- I promise you this works)
  5. Write down your biggest dream- photoshop it, make it look pretty. Write down the purpose of your dreams and what you want to get out of it. 

I hope this helped you to keep putting your passion into what you love doing! Don't ever quit!

Layering Lingerie

August 17, 2016

Hey ladies! Don't you just love the look of layered lingerie? I think it is such a sultry way to expose your favorite lingerie & bralette pieces. Bralettes came and conquered when they started becoming a trend about two years ago, now every girl I know wears them all of the time- some even replacing wearing their bras!

Today I'm here to give you some tips on how to layer your lingerie, where to buy your pieces, and how to style it.

Every girls dream is to own a piece by For Love and Lemons. I mean, their pieces are irresistible- delicate lace decals, mesh cups, floral lace inserts- the brand screams ultra femininity and sexiness. If I could afford FL&L, I totally would buy my lingerie from there. Here's a list of great places to buy some:

Now, as for layering lingerie- it's all about combining simple pieces with contrasting textures. I paired most of my bralettes with an over-sized, slouchy, knit sweater. The texture of the knitted sweater against the lace of the bralette creates a sensual look. It's a good idea to add simple jewelry & accessories as well- pieces that will enhance the outfit. A simple watch will do the trick, or adding a layered necklace will create a bohemian vibe.  I've linked a TON of pieces for you to look at, including some amazing sweaters from Missguided to layer with your bralettes, and some gorgeous layered necklaces. Check them out below! 

Cozy Apartment Decor

August 16, 2016

 I absolutely love interior design and decorating. I always say, if my dreams for a career in the fashion industry don't work out, then interior design is where I'll be. I've linked some gorgeous products up for you to make your apartment / living space the coziest yet :) Make sure to be following my Pinterest board for all of my latest decor finds and inspiration!

This style room is so adorable. It's really bohemian and cozy. I love string lights, I think they add such a warm and inviting feeling to any room! These ones are cheap and easy to install. Hanging terrariums & hanging globe lights are also so gorgeous and really add to the boho effect. 

This room inspo is from one of my favorite Youtubers, Kate La Vie. Her apartment is serious goals. I love the Magical Thinking eye pillow from Urban Outfitters. The wall art is also a steal from the best website Etsy! You can mix and match and add what ever kind of black and white wall art suits your taste best, but the eyelashes one is linked here and the quote one is here!

I love this modern / eclectic style living room. Adding lots of natural looking pieces like wood, stone and plants will help you achieve this style room. I also love the idea of having a white acrylic cabinet. It gives such a crisp and modern feel. 

The Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin

August 15, 2016

So recently I had kind of an unpleasant experience with Bare Minerals skincare... I spent $35 on their Smart Combination moisturizer aka their "Smoothing Lightweight Emulsion." Immediately after applying it to my face after cleansing, I felt that it was stripping my skin and my skin felt tight, dry and stung a bit.. The next few uses I noticed I was breaking out more than usual in my t-zone.. and I pinpointed it down to the moisturizer. I was pretty upset and figured I'd lost the $35 that I spent on it.. so a month went by and I started to realize that there's no way I could just let my $35 go to waste and just sit on my vanity every night. I went into Bare Minerals and talked to an associate and she said I could exchange my purchase for something else! I was so relieved.. but also indecisive because I had to chose what I wanted to spend my $35 on.. I varied between the Original Foundation, a matte lip stick, mascara, but nothing was adding up to the $35 that I had originally spent.
I was kind of iffy about investing in another skin care product from Bare Minerals since the first time didn't work out so well.. But then she introduced me to some moisturizers- specifically the Bare Haven, True Oasis and the Butter Drench
After some evaluation, I narrowed my choices down to the Bare Haven and the Butter Drench. The Bare Haven is for normal to dry skin types.. which sort of made me question that choice because my skin is more on the dry side than normal. I looked into the Butter Drench and it just made so much more sense to me! 
The Butter Drench deeply immerses your skin in rich, luxurious moisture. This baby is enriched with Shea butter (which makes it smell so amazing!) As soon as I applied this moisturizer to my face, my skin immediately felt baby soft. It was amazing- I was so surprised. Then, I'm not even kidding, within two days my acne/breakouts cleared up almost completely. 
This moisturizer is amazing. It's like a treatment and it just indulges your skin with moisture, but isn't too thick. Since it is more of a treatment I tend to only wear it at night, but sometimes I can get away with wearing it during the day as well. It sinks into the skin so well. I love this product so much! Definitely a 5/5 in my book :)

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