Finding Your Perfect Summer Shoe

April 18, 2016

When it comes to summer shoes, I always stick to one or two pairs that I love and that I know will go with anything. I like to separate summer shoes into four different categories. The best way to find the perfect summer shoe is by asking yourself some simple questions.
  1. What does my daily routine consist of? Do I work in an office every day? Are my days casual and laid back? Do my days involve heavy labor?
  2. What do I like best in a shoe? Style or comfort? Or both?
  3. Do my feet need support?
After you answer those basic questions, you should be able to figure out which kind of summer shoe you are in need of. 

Flats:  If you're someone who wears flats, I linked a bunch of gorgeous styles that are really in right now below. A lady working in an office or having her days filled with constant meetings and professional gatherings would benefit from investing in some summer flats. Flats are great in the summer to wear when going out to dinner, to work, or on casual dates. Flats like espadrilles are perfect for the summer because they're really comfortable, they're easy to bring around, and they're perfect for the hot weather/beachwear. There are much fancier flats like the Valentino knockoffs that give just the right amount of class while also being the perfect amount of casual. These denim Halogen ones are beautiful! It all comes down to preference and what you do on a daily basis to determine exactly which flats best suit you!

Wedges: Wedges are perfect for the lady who has a more casual schedule. One where she goes out for lunch around 2pm and then works from home for the rest of the day. Wedges are also lovely for going out. When I go out for dinner or for drinks in the summer, I am most likely always going to be wearing a pair of wedges. Wedges these days are becoming more and more comfortable- which is amazing for us gals! I like a pair of wedges with a thick but soft sole, something that gives support but isn't too harsh on the arch of my foot. These ones by Saludos are perfect if you prefer a wedge like mine. 

Sandals: The next category is sandals. Sandals are great for going out on the weekends, for a casual job, or beach days. I absolutely love these colorful ones by Schutz- I want to get my hands on a pair of those ASAP! These nude sandals by Hinge are stunning and must be pretty comfortable since they have a thick heel! I like flat sandals for the beach- but sometimes sandals can really hurt people with sensitive feet, so be sure to take that into consideration! 

Sneakers: This category is perfect for girls who are always on their feet in the summer! We had a product developer from New Balance come into my textiles class the other day and I fell in love with the brand! New Balance is meant for comfort but is also really stylish- which is exactly what I look for in a sneaker! I also have really been loving the look of leather tennis shoes lately like these by A.P.C. I have also been really wanting to get my hands on the Converse Shoreline Sneaker because they're easier to get on than the regular ones which is better for the warmer months.

Hopefully this helped you find your perfect pair of shoes for the summer!

Lou Lou Goodies

April 14, 2016

SO basically I work at the most amazing boutique ever and every time I go in for my shift I always find something that I love. I work at a boutique on Newbury called Lou Lou. We have another location in Downtown Crossing and about 25 other locations scattered around the more southern sates like D.C, Virginia, and more. It's such a great company and I am so thankful to be working there! 
I have picked up these pieces over time, but am completely in love with them all!
I first eyed the gold embroidered ones and then held them up to my ear and was completely sold! They made my eyes pop which I love, same with the delicate flower shaped ones with a tear drop stone at the bottom. The blush studs had me at hello. I was in love as soon as I unpacked them out of the shipment. I couldn't find these online but found similar ones here! I also found a similar necklace pictured above here. This delicate necklace is my new favorite. I would wear it every day if I could! I bought the striped hat as well because I was in desperate need of one! I love the way it looks against my dark hair. My tan colored faux Long Champ bag is also a newest purchase! I tied my striped hair bow to it (which also matches my hat perfectly) because I thought the colors complement each really nicely! 

Hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to check out Lou Lou if you're in the area!

Spring Getaway

April 13, 2016

I love the idea of going on a  small weekend getaway. I did this with my mom and sister once- we packed up all of our things and headed to Kittery, Maine to go shopping at the outlets. We stayed at the most  darling hotel called Meadow Mere and had the most relaxing weekend! I love knowing the possibility of all of the activities that can be planned and jam-packed into one weekend, It's an exciting feeling!

I put together some gorgeous pieces to wear to a weekend getaway-spring style. 

The first spring weekend getaway essential is of course none other than a weekender bag! I love these bags because you're able to pack up a bunch of necessities into one bag and be all set for a weekend! The next are some gorgeous blouses, You'd be lost without these since you want to be comfortable but also stylish ;) This floral one, navy one, and blush one are all perfect options as well! 

One evening dress is always a great idea to bring since I'm sure there will be at least one night of going out to dinner! Some skirts like this scalloped and yellow maxi are good options for dinner nights as well! 

Comfortable shoes like espadrilles are a must, but plan accordingly to your destination! I also included some beautiful neutral wedges- one with cutouts and one with more of a muslin feel to it. Definitely pack a coat (this one under $50!) if you live in a cooler climate! Bring some casual jeans for a casual day planned on your trip. 

Accessories are always a must, so plan around with what you love and are comfortable in! My favorites are these pearl/diamond earrings and this big floppy sun hat!

Three Products That Saved My Hair

April 11, 2016

 When I first dyed my hair from blonde to brunette, my hair was having a bit of a heart attack. LOL. But in all seriousness, my hair was so not used to being brunette and having the entire thing colored all at once. So when I redyed it the second time to ensure that it would stay brown, it started to become really damaged. I would brush my hair and I'd look down at my counter and see a TON of broken pieces of my hair all over it! It was traumatizing honestly. My hair had always been naturally really healthy and to see it breaking into pieces (literally) right before my eyes was pretty devastating. I decided that I must do something!  So I went out to Target and decided to invest in some hair care products.

These three products literally did WONDERS to my hair. I could not believe that only after a couple of uses I had already seen the difference. I started using these products back in December and love how healthy my hair has become. The first to mention and the one that I believe did the most saving is the Tresemme Breakage Defense Conditioner. I have always sworn by Tresemme products and before this one I used Tresemme Color Revitalize, which also worked wonders. I started using this every time I showered and after about a week of use I noticed when I started to brush my dry hair, less and less broken pieces fell out! I was so happy.

On top of that, I can't go without a leave-in conditioner. When I get out of the shower after using the anti-breakage conditioner, I put some of the amazing Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner throughout my damp hair. I then use a hard bristle brush to comb out my hair, which also saves it. I start from the ends and then work my way up. When my hair dries after using this leave-in, it is super soft and feels really healthy. This product also definitely contributed to my hair health!

I also use my Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray on my damp hair when I am using heat products on my hair- which protects it like crazy! My hair is always so shiny when it's dried, I love it. A combination of all these products will seriously save your hair! My hair was so broken and damaged before, and after using these products my hair is back to being healthy!

Useful Tips:

  1. When your hair is dry and you want to brush your hair, use a soft-bristle brush- this kind of a brush is gentle on your hair and also effective.
  2. When brushing through your hair, wet or dry, start brushing from the ends and work your way up, it's more gentle on the hair and also a whole lot easier to get through
  3. When you get out of the shower and your hair is wet, use a hard bristle brush. This will get through your hair and any knots faster. 
  4. Take biotin. Biotin is the number one vitamin for hair growth. It also benefits your skin and nails. (I always get the chewy vitamins because they taste way better and they dissolve into your system easier!) 
  5. Drink lot's of water. Drinking water will help you in every possible aspect.

Spring Essentials

April 5, 2016

While we just got a good 4-5 inches of snow here in New England and it's almost the second week of April, I'm going to pretend that global warming doesn't exist for the sake of adorable spring wear. (Really though, this is getting bad!) I just LOVE the feeling of spring. The warm, welcoming breeze of new beginnings, budding flowers and shining sun. When it was 70 degrees here in Boston last week, I could not help myself from smiling every time I walked out the door. As I was walking down the street to my classes, I kept taking deep breaths of the fresh air and it just smelled like spring. That "just rained" smell filled my lungs and refreshed my entire soul. I love warm weather. And spring. And spring CLOTHES!

For spring essentials this year I gathered up a checklist for y'all! Blush is totally in right now and "Rose Quartz" is one of Pantone'scolor of the year for 2016 so you will definitely keep seeing it popping up here and there! The scarfearrings, and flowy dress are all great blush colored pieces that are perfect for spring!

For some reason, when I think of a spring outfit, I think of a crisp striped shirt and beige capri pants- a perfect combo! Following the taupe colored trend, a nice tote is also an essential. Gingham print and denim skirts are the newest trends right now and a perfect way to stand out from the crowd.
A floral print skirt is probably the best definition for spring wear. Such a staple! As for shoes, I believe every girl should have a pair of neutral flats and some wedges

Moto Jacket

April 4, 2016

In today's post, I wore my moto jacket that I got from Forever 21 when I went out shopping with my dad. My cowl neck sweater is SO comfy and from The Burlington Coat Factory. It was so worth every penny! I'm also wearing my beloved watch that I got from my boutique Lou Lou! It's a perfect every day watch.   ​

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