June 21, 2017

When One Door Closes

Sometimes, life is weird. When everything is going so smoothly and then all of a sudden, something changes drastically; the universe tends to work itself in strange ways, adapting and reconfiguring so that your stars align once again. Especially if you use the law of attraction to attract nothing but the best in your life. 
A lot of the times, when one door closes another one most definitely opens. But sometimes it can be hard to piece together just why things flip flop and be okay with it happening. However, the easiest way to cope with change is to take it all in. Seriously breathe in the change, let it take over you because more often than not it is happening for a good reason. The universe has a secret plan stored for you in its back pocket, ready to lay it out on the table as long as you keep a positive mindset and outlook on everything. 
Similar to this concept just as summer was beginning, life was trucking along, things were going very well; I was getting an exceptional amount of hours at work, my friends were being amazing, boyfriend incredible. But all of a sudden the first week back from my Arizona trip, hours at work were cut drastically- like by half. At first I panicked, I was like "what the heck am I going to do?!"
Then I said to myself, this is happening for a reason. Before Arizona, I was being worked into the ground, I hardly had time to even make myself dinner or hang out with friends. So I welcomed this change with open arms and said I'll take this time to relax and have more leisure time.
During one of my days off, I decided to walk into a cute little boutique and happened to ask if they were hiring and they were (!!!) for a key holder position (exactly what I'd wanted). I applied, got a call back and now have an interview scheduled next week! If I never had my hours cut at my job I would've never had the opportunity to have an interview at an adorable boutique, a new change of environment and head space. 
Not gonna lie, it's scary as heck embracing change. I was super hesitant about even calling the manager back because in my head I was like "Well I have so much freedom at my current job, and I love the pay... and it's just so easy here." But that was the thing, I needed the change or honestly I may have not ended up going anywhere. And taking the easy way out won't get me far in my career either. (Plus I know I could totally grow with this company and move on into corporate one day.) 
Moral of this story is- if you're going through a drastic change in your work life, friendships, or relationships; take in the change and let it guide you in the right direction. Everything will work out- I promise!

June 14, 2017

A New Hidden Gem in Boston

I decided to take a stroll along Charles Street in Boston today because I had never been there before (somehow), and ended up walking into this stunning clothing boutique called Heist: December Thieves. The manager informed me that it is an emerging designer brand when I asked if it was a designer- so I believe that most of it is handmade and they don't buy from wholesale. 

This place is a sight for sore eyes, being inside captivates you. I was swept throughout the entire store just following the layout of it. Every section has a visually appealing element to it; it's so crisp and clean and I love the contrast of black and white. 

The moss is so beautiful, it looks real when you're in the store. 

It seriously reminded me of a museum- little nooks and cranny's of incredible little pieces. I'd love to shake the visual merchandiser's hand!!

This place is absolutely gorgeous and I definitely recommend any visitor to Boston to check it out! 

Check out their website here and their Instagram here!! 

June 13, 2017

Dear Pizza Lovers of Boston,

I just wanted to pop in and tell all of the pizza lovers of Boston to go and check out this amazing pizza place in Beacon Hill!! My dad took me here for lunch this afternoon and oh my goodness the pizza I had was incredible! I got a slice of the Sicilian with red peppers, spinach, cheese, & garlic and wow it might've been one of the best slices I've ever had. The prices are super reasonable at this place- they range from $3.25-$4.25 for a slice, salads are around $10, paninis are around $8.50 and they have pasta dishes for $10! (I had my eye on the linguine & pesto- must be amazing).

The interior design of this place is everything I'd ever want in my own kitchen one day- super simplistic and modern with a rustic twist. The dark wood of the tables and counters contrasts gorgeously with the white tiled walls and they add a pop of color with bright yellow stools scattered. So beautiful!

Check out their website 

And their Instagram here!

Have a great Tuesday- stay cool!!

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